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Only through My-Optimum you get access to our model portfolios. These curated portfolios are constructed alongside world-class asset managers and in association with non-market correlated investment partners offering exceptional performance with high returns.


With an overweighing market exposure via the Athena Global Opportunities Fund, this portfolio has been established with the primary aim of growing the wealth of investors over the medium to long term. We balance potential market volatility through an allocation to a non-market correlated return fund.


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Together with Athena Capital and a non-market correlated return fund, we have created a portfolio that looks to balance the need for long term growth and downside capital protection. The portfolio targets a risk-adjusted return of inflation plus 5%.


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For investors looking to preserve capital close to, at retirement, or those looking for predictable returns, we have blended Athena Global Cautious with our highest allocation to a non-market correlated return fund. The portfolio aims to ensure that we are able to create above-inflation returns with a primary goal of protecting capital at all times.


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Our Open Architecture investment platform assists investors (and IFA's) when making their own investment selection in order to meet their personal investment goals and make their own tactical asset allocation.


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Perhaps some of our most interesting and possibly highly concentrated portfolios are to be found in the Thematic Portfolios. These are high conviction investments or thematic plays that our team feel strongly will provide an opportunity for investors to gain above-market returns. We balance the portfolio with an even allocation to a non-market correlated return fund to underpin the portfolio with a steady return and balance the risk of a concentrated market position.


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