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My-Optimum is managed and administered by Pensioneer Trust Company


Pensioneer Trust Company (Guernsey) LTD

The Pensioneer Trustee Company (Guernsey) Limited was established in Guernsey in 1994 and over 25 years later, is still independently owned by its resident directors.

The directors and senior managers have substantial experience in the finance and pension industry which, enables them to provide a high quality and personal service to their clients.

The Pensioneer Trustee Company (Guernsey) Limited specialises in the structuring, establishment, and administration of a wide range of International Pension Plans and Employee Benefit Solutions.

These International Pensions include, FURBS, EFRBS, and EBT’s as well as more modern International Pension Plans (both individual & corporate) for the globally mobile, bespoke and multi-member RATS, QNUPS, QROPS, Pan-European Pension Plans and EOSB/Gratuity Reserve Schemes.

We also offer trust based employee benefit solutions such as International Corporate Healthcare Trusts (a flexible alternative to Corporate PMI) and International Risk Purpose Trusts (a trust based alternative for self insurance/risk management).

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