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How does it work?

About My-Optimum

My-Optimum is a one-stop, flexible investment solution that allows for the management of all assets under one policy structure within in a tax-efficient product wrapper.

My-Optimum consists of three unique elements. that work together to meet your estate planning and wealth creation objectives pre and post-retirement. 

My-Optimum has partnered with Pensioneer and TIP to offer your a tax-efficient, open architecture product that can hold any assets, and gives an almost universal choice of fund selection.



The Pensioneer Trustee Company (Guernsey) Limited was established in Guernsey in 1994 and over 25 years later, is still independently owned by its resident directors.


The Investment Platform aims to provide a simple, cost-effective investment solution for investors Providing access to a vast array of funds and direct holdings all in one location, making investing an easy yet secure experience.


Investors can access a broad range of fund managers and risk-profiled portfolios that could meet their investment objectives and financial goals.

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